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Skye Terrier

Skye Terrier,The Skye Terrier, Ch Talyot DionysisThe Skye Terrier (above, Ch Talyot Dionysis) is one of the oldest of the Scottish breeds, coming from the Isle of Skye where there are records of him going back 400 years. He was used for the normal terrier work of vermin control as well as flushing fox and badger.

The Skye Terrier is not a family dog in the way of most terriers; he is a one-man dog and is distrustful of strangers though not aggressive. He is 10" tall and very long in proportion, measuring 41½" from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.  The coat takes some care; it is black to grey, fawn or cream, all with black points.  Being so long and close to the ground he does take some keeping tidy and tends to bring garden debris back into the house with him, although he should not be washed too frequently as it softens the hard outer coat.

There is a reference to the Skye Terrier by Mrs Beeton 1862 musing on the frequency with which she sees advertisements for lost Skyes Terriers in London, musing as to whether they are blinded by their fringes, just dim or so inquisitive that they follow every interesting scent till they get lost!  In fact dog stealing was a very lucrative business in 19th century London, and just as burglars now return to the scene of their crimes once sufficient time has elapsed for the video, etc to be replaced, so a dog that was stolen and achieved a good 'reward' would usually be stolen again.

The Skye Terrier is known as being a one-man dog; Greyfriars Bobby became famous as the dog who took up a vigil in Greyfriars Churchyard in Edinburgh in 1858 on the grave of his master and remained there until he too died 14 years later, only leaving his master's grave as the clock struck 1 o'clock each day to be fed.   He is buried in a corner of the churchyard and there is a fountain to his memory which was erected in 1873.

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Skye Terrier Breed Clubs

SKYE TERRIER CLUB. Sec. Mr Taylor. Tel No: 01599.534391

Skye Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

Skye Terrier Club Rescue

Mrs M   Johnson   Co-ordinator    01405 769668   Email
Mrs J Miller    Herts     01296 623021
Mrs J Kendrick     W Midlands    0121 6084220
Ken Jessup   Cornwall     01579 346111
Mr & Mrs Goose   Norfolk  01485 600919

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