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Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier,The Norfolk Terrier, With Folded EarsSo far as temperament and history are concerned the Norfolk and Norwich Terriers can be described together and it was not until 1964 that the Kennel Club classified them separately, their principal difference being that the Norfolk Terrier has pendant ears whilst the Norwich Terrier has pricked, pointed ears. To differentiate between the two it is useful to remember that Norwich Cathedral has a spire and the Norwich has the pointed ears whilst the ears of the Norfolk are folded, with an 'f' as in Norfolk.

During the 19th century he was the local regional terrier, used for the same sort of tasks as other terriers - rabbiting, ratting, fox and badger hunting.  Like most terriers they have a mixed ancestry having red Cairns, Glen of Imaals and Dandie Dinmonts in their make-up.  However, he is not a terrier that seeks out fights though when working he is absolutely fearless.  During the early days two horsemen,  Frank Jones and Jodrell Hopkins worked to develop them when doubtless they would have been put to good use around the feed stores and haybarns; being so small they are ideally suited for getting into confined spaces.  They were regarded as being outstanding at vermin control, and even today the Breed Standard allows for "honourable scars from fair wear and tear".

As a pet he is a charming house dog.  Small and neat - he should measure no more than 11" - his coat can be kept tidy quite easily between visits to the grooming parlour and he is happy to spend a day in the country or just busy in the house. Colours are shades of red to wheaten, black and tan or grizzle.

To read the Norfolk Terrier Breed Standard click here.

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