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Glen of Imaal Terrier

Airedale Terrier,The Airedale Terrier, King of the Terriers

Glen of Imaal TerrierThe Glen of Imaal Terrier is named after the area in Wicklow where he originated, though he has not made the impression outside his native Ireland that the other Irish terrier breeds have managed. Until the beginning of the 19th century there wasn't a great interest in breeding towards a particular type, and it is probable that terriers from Scotland and England were introduced to define a breed type.

The Glen of Imaal was used for the usual terrier work - vermin control, but were also unfortunate enough to be used for dog fights.  He was also used as a Turnspit dog; these unlucky animals were put in a cage where they had to run on a wheel to keep the spit turning to roast the meat over the fire.  Because it was such hard work they were generally kept in pairs and rotated; it is thought that the expression "every dog has its day" may have originated from this practice.

He was also used for badger hunting and the construction of his forequarters reflect the digging he would have had to do. Until 1966 when badger hunting was made illegal in Ireland the showdog had to win a certificate at a badger trials before he could become a full champion.

The Glen of Imaal presents an untrimmed appearance, with a rather rough looking coat and is blue, brindle and all shades of wheaten. At 14" tall and fairly long-bodied he should give the impression of being a strong and powerful dog, and has a big bark to deter strangers.  Although he is very courageous when necessary, he is otherwise a docile and gentle dog who makes an undemanding family pet.

Here is the Glen of Imaal KC Breed Standard.

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