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Dog Rescue and Rehoming

Rescue Organisations and Societies are listed by breed on the relevant breed pages and by County; if you would like an organisation you are associated with added please contact us.

Please do not contact us with requests for help with organising re-homing of your own dog or acquiring a dog through rescue.All the information we have is to be found on the site.

Breed rescue is generally organised by volunteers who probably have busy lives, so please be considerate about phoning.

Rescue is Not an Easy Option

Rescue is not a way of acquiring a "cheap" dog; many will have had bad experiences and need care and attention to make them feel secure, and some will be a challenge. Before you take a dog on be sure that you have the commitment to see it through, though of course there are always dogs who require rehoming through no fault of their own.

Both general rescue organisations and breed-specific societies will generally expect a donation to help fund their work.

All rescue organisations will want to be certain that you are the right person to adopt one of their dogs, so don't be offended when you are quizzed about yourself and lifestyle.

A lot of dogs who make their way into Rescue have been bred by Puppy Farmers - a responsible breeder will always do their best to help anyone who has problems with keeping a dog they have sold.

Should you need to re-home your dog, for whatever reason, contact your dog's breeder first.  They will probably be disappointed that there are problems but will be pleased that you have contacted them.  And, possibly, they may be able to help you to find a solution short of letting your dog go.




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