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Segugio Italiano

Another hound whose origins lie in the North African sighthounds, the Segugio Italiano has the leggy appearance of a sighthound but the introduction of mastiff blood to give him more substance has given him the head and tracking skills of a scenthound.  He has an exceptional sense of smell and was traditionally used to flush out boar, rather than catch his quarry.  In recent years with the decline of wild boar in Italy he is more frequently used to find hares and spring them to the gun.

He is a medium sized breed, standing at 48 -59cm and weighing from 40 - 62lbs, so he is quite variable in size.  His colouring ranges from deep red to wheaten and he can also be black and tan.  There are two coat varieties; the coarse is harsh, dense and wiry, lying close to the body and is never longer than 5cm.  The smooth variety has a thick and shiny coat.  The coat requires only minimal maintenance, a weekly brushing to remove dead coat; the addition of boiled linseed oil to his feed will bring out the lovely gleam of the black and tan colouration.

He is a quiet breed, gentle and even-tempered and the mastiff blood makes him more amenable to training than most hounds.  He has a long history as a working hound and was highly regarded during the Renaissance both for his capacity to hunt and his elegant form.  However, he is also content to be a companion dog though with his intelligence he does enjoy some sort of stimulation.  To read the Kennel Club Breed Standard click here. 


Contact a Breed Club.  They should all be able to give you information about hounds requiring homes and procedures for re-homing; if you are in the unfortunate position of having to re-home your own hound, please go through breed rescue.  They will not be judgmental and are best able to find the right permanent home for your hound.



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