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Norwegian Lundehund

Norwegian Lundehund,Norwegian LundehundThe Norwegian Lundehund (right, The One and Only, Ginger)- translated as Puffin Hound - is the most extraordinary little dog.  Small, 32 - 38cm and weighing about 13 - 15lbs,  they are accomplished rock climbers and are unlike any other breed.  He has at least six toes on each foot with the hindfeet turning outwards.  The front legs can be rotated 180º and the neck is double jointed.  He is also able to close his ear canals.

The Norwegian Lundehund originated in the Lofoten Islands where they climbed rock faces with their incredibly mobile feet and legs to catch puffins, both for meat and feathers. Evidently one Lundehund could catch 30 puffins in a night. During the 17th and 18thC down pillows became popular and households kept up to 12 dogs, some even more, to catch puffins.  At the time the value of a Lundehund was comparable to that of a cow.  During the 19thC nets began to be used to hunt puffins so the large packs of hunting dogs were disbanded and the breed fell to dangerously low numbers.  The breed was adopted by English Setter breeders, Mr and Mrs Christie and they brought it back from the brink of extinction, though the Lundehund was very nearly wiped out by a serious distemper epidemic in Norway during the 1939-45 war.

There is an interesting collection of pages, rather out of date but written by enthusiasts and with very interesting tales of the breed.  He  appears to be of a Spitz type, but some of the pages argue that he is not a scion of the wolf but derives from a completely different ancestry.  He is obviously held in great affection by those who know him, and described as an extremely loyal and devoted companion dog.  He first came to the UK in the 1990s but there are no contacts or Breed clubs as yet. 

The coat is dense with a rough outer coat and soft undercoat.  He is reddish brown to fallow with black tips, all with white markings.  Should you wish to be added to this page please use the webmaster link at the foot of the page to let us have your details.  

Norwegian Lundehund Breed Clubs

Norwegian Lundehund Association of America

We currently do not have any information regarding Breed Clubs or any UK breeders.

Norwegian Lundehund Rescue

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Norwegian Lundehund Breeders

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If you are looking for a puppy contact the Breed Clubs and the Breeders listed and visit the puppyfinder website where there is a great deal of information on hereditary conditions.  If you are a Breeder and wish to advertise your puppies puppyfinder is an excellent showcase.


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