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Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound,Ibizan HoundThe Ibizan Hound (right, Anubis Look Who's Talking at Afilador) is a typical hound of the Mediterranean, tall, lean with large open pricked ears and a rich glowing colour.  As with so many sighthounds, it is thought that they arrived in the Balearics with Phoenician traders.  Their likeness is found on friezes on the tombs of the Pharaohs; it is possible that today's Ibizan Hounds are descendants of those hounds, but in any case there is a striking similarity.  It is also claimed that Hannibal, who was from Ibiza, took some hounds with him on his trip over the Alps.  In the Balearics he was known as a  rabbit dog, and it was his prowess in hunting rabbit to feed the family that was especially prized.

The Ibizan has an unusual front with a shorter and more upright shoulder than is generally found; this gives him the ability to spring upwards remarkably high from standstill.  I was once told that this was because he caught birds on the wing, though I have never heard it since. He has a curious and unusual movement which is more familiar in dressage horses than dogs; it is a suspended trot, where the hound for one brief moment hovers the foot before touching the ground.

They are tall hounds, up to 74cm, but comparatively light, weighing up to 55lbs.  The coat is either smooth or rough in any combination of white, chestnut and lion or as a solid colour.  A distinguishing characteristic is the relatively shallow and flat ribcage; most sighthounds are required to have a deep ribcage reaching to the elbow with a good spring of rib.  The Ibizan should have a gap of 2.5 - 3" from the elbow to the base of the ribcage, which gives it quite a different profile to most hounds.  It is also claimed that when excited the Ibizan will blush!  I include this out of interest and not a little disbelief and will delete it if there are people out there who know better!!

The Ibizan is a sighthound with an exceptional jumping ability which means a very well-fenced garden; very sensitive, they will love their own family but treat the rest of the world with disdain.  They can be vocal and are not a breed to be left in a kennel; their place is with the family, in the warm.  A very dramatic looking hound who will certainly turn heads, he is not a dog for everyone, though he will reward you with great loyalty.

Click here to read the Ibizan Hound Kennel Club Breed Standard.

Ibizan Hound Breeders

Snowlief Ibizan Hounds

The Snowlief Ibizans are based on The Wirral. They can be contacted through the website, or by email



Ibizan Hound Breed Clubs

ENGLISH IBIZAN HOUND CLUB Mrs Wilde 01372 740945 

Friends of the Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound Rescue and Rehoming

Contact a Breed Club. They should all be able to give you information about hounds requiring homes and procedures for re-homing; if you are in the unfortunate position of having to re-home your own Ibizan, please go through breed rescue. They will not be judgmental and are best able to find the right permanent home for your hound.

If you are looking for a puppy contact the Breed Clubs and the Breeders listed and visit the puppyfinder website where there is a great deal of information on hereditary conditions.  If you are a Breeder and wish to advertise your puppies puppyfinder is an excellent showcase.


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