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Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz,Finnish SpitzThe Finnish Spitz (right, Ch Sukunimi Sven) is a lightly build hound, the dog ranging in height up to 50cm, the bitches somewhat smaller but only weighing at up to 35lbs.  They were developed in Finland for tracking game and are viewed in their native land as being gundogs rather than hounds The Finnish Spitz can track and tackle bear and elk, but is now bred for hunting birds, primarily Capercaillie and Grouse, alerting the huntsman to the presence of birds by barking.

He is close to the heart of the Finns and is regarded as the national dog; the Breed Standard was first written in 1812, and he is sung of in patriotic songs.

His brilliant red coat is highly distinctive; like all Spitz breeds the coat stands off to shrug off the weather.  Beneath the topcoat is a paler undercoat which has the effect of making the coat glow.  The breeches and tail, which  curls luxuriantly over the back, are quite thickly covered in the same pale shade as the undercoat, offering a dramatic contrast to the rich glowing red.  The Finnish Spitz Breed Standard asks for a bright red, and it is a very distinctive colour.

His movement is typically Spitz, quite straight legged and springy and gives the appearance of being active and busy.  He also has a tendency to be vocal, like the rest of his family,  and objects to being left out of  things.  If he is outside and would rather be in he will soon let you know!  In this respect he certainly makes an excellent guard dog; although his size does not make him a deterrent his ringing bark would soon alert the neighbourhood.

The Finnish Spitz has a weatherproof coat, which only requires regular brushing to keep it smart and tidy, and means that he is perfectly happy in all weathers.  He loves his family and is eager to participate in all family events.  His keen alert expression denotes a keen brain and, rarely amongst hounds, he enjoys obedience and his lightweight, energetic frame makes him suitable for agility also.

He is a smart, active family dog who gives much and expects to be included in everything.  He is not a dog who can be left to his own devices for any length of time and is not very happy in a kennel.  For a family with the time for him he makes a splendid, eager to please companion. 

To read the Kennel Club Breed Standard for the Finnish Spitz click here

Finnish Spitz Breed Clubs

  • FINNISH SPITZ CLUB. Sec. Mrs B Williams. Tel No: 01279 812463
  • FINNISH SPITZ SOCIETY. Sec. Mr J Blaber. Tel No: 020 8642 4768

Finnish Spitz Rescue and Rehoming

Contact a Breed Club. They should all be able to give you information about hounds requiring homes and procedures for re-homing; if you are in the unfortunate position of having to re-home your own Finnish Spitz, please go through breed rescue. They will not be judgmental and are best able to find the right permanent home for dog.

Finnish Spitz Breeders

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Adding Your Kennel

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