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The Forge at Wells

Traditional Fire Baskets, Fire Backs and Hearth Accessories

From the Cathedral City of Wells in Somerset

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Black Cat by Open FireFire Basket,Traditional Fire Basket with Fireback and Canopy
The Forge at Wells has been established in the city of Wells in Somerset for many years.  Initially, we made traditional fire baskets and wrought iron gates for local customers and holidaymakers. 

As the years have passed we have developed our range of fire baskets to offer many different styles, selling to customers worldwide, as well as traditional fireside accessories such as chestnut roasters and toasting forks  The fire basket with fireback, dogs and fire canopy were made to a client's specifications - mouse over for a larger image.

We have eight firedog designs, all handmade at Wells Forge to suit different fire baskets. We can also supply ashpans if required or supply most of the designs as coal effect gas fires.

If you need your fire basket to fit a particular space we can almost certainly make one to measure. Just phone us on 01949 870250, or visit the Forge if you are in the area. This map gives our location.

Sedgemoor Fire BasketSedgemoor Fire Basket,Sedgemoor Fire Basket for Inglenooks and Log Burning

Log Burner

Open fires, whether coal or wood, make a wonderful focal point for any room; log burners are wider than fire grates for coal to accommodate irregular shapes of wood; our log rollers at 34" long are perfect for turning large pieces to keep the fire burning.

The standard Sedgemoor is approximately 22" wide, the Large Sedgemoor 27" and the Extra Large 29" wide; ashpans are available for all sizes if required.  The Log Burner is 21" wide, the Large Log Burner is 32".

Log Burner Fire BasketLog Burner Fire Basket,Traditional Log Burner Fire Basket for Open Hearths
Fire Basket with ScrollsFire Basket with Scrolls and Back,Fire Basket with Scrolls and Embossed Back
Large Cooper Fire Basket,Large Cooper Fire Basket with Back, one of our Most Popular Designs

Fire Baskets

The fire basket with scrolls and the large Cooper both have integrated firebacks, the Cooper is available with either the plain back or a Fleur de Lys design.

Large Cooper Fire Basket
Hi Line FirescreenHi Line Firescreen,Hi Line Firescreen, the Tallest of the Flat Screens

Fixed Wing Firescreen,Fixed Wing Firescreen in a Range of Heights and Widths Fire Screens

Also in stock is a selection of firescreens, from plain flat screens to fully enclosed nursery screens and many decorative screens. See our full range of fire screens here.

Fire BacksThe Lion and the Unicorn Fire Back,The Lion and the Unicorn Fire Back, one of our Larger Models

We have a wide range of fireback designs. Amongst the 35 we stock there are classically simple and highly ornate in shapes and sizes to suit all hearths.

A fire back absorbs much of the heat of the fire that would otherwise be lost up the chimney or through an outside wall, radiating it back into the room.

Coat of Arms Fire Back,Richly Embossed Coat of Arms Fire Back
Fixed Wing Firescreen
Coat of Arms Fire Back The Lion and the Unicorn Fire Back

Hand Made Firebaskets from Wells Forge in Somerset



Fire Baskets, Fire Backs and Fire Screens